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Frequently asked questions

Q: When does the last cut of the grass usually take place before the cold weather sets in?

A: Grass slows down when temperatures plummet, but it never actually stops growing. Still, by early December, you can consider giving it a rest from regular mowing. If conditions are mild (the ground is not frozen or too wet), you can mow your lawn occasionally (ex: once a month).

Q: What is the best time to cut the grass after the winter period?

A: In early spring, grass starts growing at an increased rate, once the temperature rises above 5°C. You should consider mowing your lawn when the grass reaches 2.5 inches (above 6cm). When the temperature rise above 5 degrees Celsius, the grass will increase its growth rate significantly. Monitor its height. Around 2.5 inches ( 6+ cm ) tall is the right height to mow after winter.

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