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    The Enterprise Finance Guarantee is one of the many funding option available to smaller buisnesses looking to scale up and grow.

Purpose of Facility

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EFG Parameters

Any loans previously provided under SFLGS, even if still outstanding, do not count towards the £1m EFG limit.

Guarantee Premium

A guarantee premium is payable to the Government to the value of 2% per annum on the reducing balance of the loan.


The first tranche must be drawn no later than 6 months after the date of the EFG loan agreement. Failure to draw the loan within this period will necessitate the submission of a new application.



Before offering a borrower an EFG facility, the Bank must be satisfied that it would have offered conventional finance but for the lack of security.

Pledging of Personal Assets

The Bank must be satisfied that all available personal assets have been pledged for conventional facilities, before considering lending under EFG.

Pledging of business assets

Applicants should be asked to pledge premises, machinery and other assets used in the business as security for the EFG loan, usually in the form of a fixed or floating charge.

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