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Property Development Loans

A type of short-term lending to finance renovation or refurbishment of a property.

Major development funding

For more extensive projects and ground-up developments, you may need a more complex finance arrangement.

Gross Developed Value

Developments should demonstrate sufficient margin to absorb any possible future reduction in the anticipated Gross Developed Value (GDV) of the project.

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Tips for planning your building work

Light redevelopment/refurbishment – Funding here tends to be short-term and the property can be ‘turned-around’ in short timescales using auction or bridging finance.

Heavy renovation – In this case, finance options tend to be longer-term bridging finance or short-term commercial mortgage finance.

Ground-up development -Finance will need to be taken over many months or years, and property finance becomes a more complex series of investment release until completion of the project.

Commercial Mortgages

Used to help you purchase properties like offices, industrial units and shops.

Auction Finance

Primarily used for property buyers buying auctioned property.

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