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Let the Virtual Production Manager give your Quality Assurance process all the tools they need to deliver unrivalled performance.




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Real Time Decision Making

Proactively improve your manufacturing process by investigating production issues as they occur supported by real-time analytics to immediately drill-down to identify the root cause.

Rapidly share information between team members and establish one single version of the truth which is visible to everyone.

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Increased Profitability

The Virtual Production Manager has been proven to increase both efficiency within your production process and the profitability of your business.

This is achieved by:

  • Immediate feedback on your daily production means issues are spotted faster than ever before.

  • More reliable production meaning happier customers and fewer expensive product returns.

  • Our controlled data capture survey means manual input errors are eliminated.

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Better Visibility

By accessing your data at anytime on any device in real time, you’ll no longer be restricted to standard weekly review meetings, analysing production that took place as long as a week ago.

You will be able to immediately share issues with your colleagues which will logically lead to improvements in both your operational and strategic decision making and increase team engagement.

Tailored to your business

Whatever the requirements of your manufacturing Quality Assurance process, these can be supported by the Virtual Production Manager and tailored to deliver unrivaled performance visibility.

Completely customizable from data capture survey to target setting to analysis with no requirement for any expensive hardware.


Focus on the production process rather than the recording of it. Just look at how the VPM has helped our customers so far.


Elimination of manual QA report production


Cut data capture times in half


Improvement in products without defects.

Eliminates incomplete QA records


Wizard listened to what we wanted to achieve and through their inquisitive questioning and data analysis expertise they have created a tool that gives us real time visibility on production and quality.

Wizard have always been on hand to answer any questions and thoughts we may have, right through from initial project scoping through delivery and beyond.

The process of setting up the Virtual Production Manager was very straight forward

Wizard’s knowledge and understanding of the information that would be required and  being able to display the real-time data in several different ways for all involved is invaluable.

Working in partnership with Wizard allowed us to combine our knowledge of our production processes with Wizards data analysis skills, to provide us with extremely valuable output.

Real-time Information is available for everyone involved from the production process, from operatives being able to see how they were performing against the production plan in the factory to our directors being able to see how the factory was performing via their mobile phones.

The Virtual Production Manager has propelled us a major step forward in our ability to manage that data and learn from its output.

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